The subtle differences that exist within each of us is a doorway to our heart. For example, whether you are more of a morning person who loves the smell of roses or a night owl who loves spicy food, your sense of smell can evoke a range of emotional senses from ethereal to pro­found memories that bring about goose bumps and open that pathway to your heart and mind. There is no doubt that smell plays an enormous role in your life. Olfaction is the fastest message to reach the brain. The body was designed to make scent primary.

Essential oils are powerful in their true form and come from nature, pure and simple. They can evoke nostalgia, or simply provide pleasure for the now. Each oil may hold up to 200 constituents- how fascinat­ing! Each oil has its own fingerprint and energy, much like you. So perhaps, you should consider a blend to match your own individuality.

At Generation Mindful, we consider your desires for a personal blend. By answering questions, we can more closely match a blend that matches your desire. Is it something you love to smell? So important! Does it possess the qualities in the oil most likely suited to nurture you as whole? Are you looking to have smells that remind you of something special, move into something new or a mixture of both? Are you trying to balance a certain element?

If you would like to create a Personal Blend consisting of essential oils, we can create one with you in mind- a “Mindful Scent” that you will love. Please contact us if you are interested in this individual service designed just for you.