Imagine spraying the air, a pillow, or your skin with the dew drops of a blended scent of the aromatic plants most soothing to your nature and inviting to your senses. Hydrosols are filled with many possibilities and one of its delightful attributes is its versatility. The distillation process allows much of the plant’s imprint to remain but it is extremely gentle. Unlike essential oils, hydrosols can be used without dilution. They can be added to masks, used as toners, used to freshen the air, or even sprayed on hair. The gift of defining your own personal blend is that you can tap into the power of your own senses by utilizing our service. We can use guided questions to find the right blend for your needs—a hydrosol that stirs your imagination, soothes your spirit or simply smells good. Let’s find a hydrosol together that resonates perfectly with you. Please contact us if you are interested in this individual service designed just for you.